Originally from Mississippi, David went to the University of South Carolina for his undergraduate degree in economics, followed by a Masters of Arts in Mathematical Economics at Ole Miss.  

Prior to finishing school, he worked for campaigns at the local, congressional, and state wide levels.  In addition, he spent one summer interning at the U.S. Senate and another with the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies.

Upon completion of his masters degree, he consulted for two and a half years in competitive economics for major law firms, Fortune 500 companies and regulatory agencies around the world. This ranged from antitrust issues such as mergers and acquisitions to patent infringement.  In this realm, he handled data via writing SQL code (among other software languages) and assisted in historical quantification and predictive modeling principled on economic theory.

Always having a passion for video, photography, and driving a message, he decided to use this aspect of his background for employment.  Since then, he has been a videographer and editor based in Washington D.C.

In this role he has written, filmed, and edited web ads which have generated national syndication.

If not working, he can probably be found somewhere outside or cheering on the South Carolina Gamecocks and USA soccer.

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